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Jared Padalecki in Brian Buckley Band’s new music video (x)

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pretty jared.


pretty jared.


a couple of our photos from njcon. it’s not a mishalecki panel until they’re playing with the others hair.

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Fan: I was just wondering, have you heard about future Sam?
Jared: Have I heard about future Sam?

Parsippany Con 2012 Breakfast (x)

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Jared putting on Misha’s jacket [x]


Jared in Soho today

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Jared in NYC - Aug 4 x

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shooting in Vancouver, Jared spotted his son Thomas on set. [02.08.2012]

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Been with Jensen for too long, I too have bowlegs [x]

Been with Jensen for too long, I too have bowlegs [x]

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Holy Texan accent, Jared.

Have you dropped that, or just disguised it better?


oh my goddd!! the accent msdfijoesmkld

I would imagine, if it’s anything like my accent, it’s neither been consciously dropped or disguised but simply diffused a little bit from being around people with other accents for too long. :) Unf, though. Unf. I bet when he goes home it comes right back out in force.

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